My Food Diary, Just Saying

Simple Brunch For One

1 leftover, cooked chicken sausage, sliced

Desired amount of onion, green onion, sliced mushrooms

Cook chicken sausage, onion-mushroom mixture in skillet on stove-top

1 egg, added to 1 Tablespoon water

Pierce small hole in egg before cooking in the microwave in egg cooker.  Microwave for 1 minute.

Toast 2 pieces of wheat bread in toaster, add small amount butter, if desired.

Store bought strawberry preserves.


Whew! Getting Started With My Blog!


I’ve decided to do a diary of sorts of things I prepare and eat.  I can look back and know about how healthy I really have been eating, or not.  LOL

I will not provide recipes that are long and complicated.  I have medical conditions that require that I eat healthy but not spend all day cooking a long, drawn out meal.  I think senior citizens, the elderly (or whatever the preferred name for those over 50 is these days), people with health problems, or those who are single or a couple will be more interested in the simple, usually not beautiful, uncomplicated, but healthy things I put on here. 

I live in Louisiana.  It gets mighty hot down here in the summer.  Heating up the kitchen and raising the temperature doesn’t work for me! So I use my appliances a LOT.

I like using the NuWave or Rapid Wave oven.  I like being able to quickly put frozen stuff in there and it be done really fast, compared with conventional ovens.  I also think it helps save energy since I’m not using a full, big oven and saving time since I’m not stirring and looking over things all day.  I also use a toaster oven, slow cooker, rice cooker, and pop up toaster.  I love my appliances. LOL They, are time savers and step savers to me. Just saying.

I’ve looked at a lot of things on Pinterest before I realized I could have a blog about it.  So, I’m going to give it a try.

There are so many wonderful ideas, beautifully crafted items, and home decorating tips on Pinterest.  Not to mention the vast number of recipes that are so tempting to try. 

I may get the courage to post some of my results after trying some of the “how-to” instructions.  That should be interesting.  LOL

You may follow me on twitter @lilme2day .  Look forward to “meeting” you on here and exchanging ideas.