My Food Diary, Just Saying

April 2, 2012

Baked fish, oven fried okra, and fresh strawberries.

I am trying to use up some frozen items so I can more or less start over when I buy, package in a more organized way, and know what I have. I basically know already but I just need to do this.  LOL 

I had a package of frozen okra that my daughter gave to me and was saving it for a day that I could truly enjoy it to the fullest.  Well, today was the day. I don’t get fresh/frozen okra often (even though I buy canned, which is good—but not quite the same as fried okra)  I watch what I eat, as usual.  I do have some medical problems that requires me to be careful of a few things and of course, the food conflicts each other.  What helps one thing is not good for another!  This is one reason I enjoy the Nuwave Oven.  I don’t have to fry things and to be honest, I don’t usually even add the small amount of oil Nuwave recipes say to use. Any thing I do in Nuwave Oven can be done in conventional oven but the timing may be different.

1 fish fillet

Black pepper

Small amount of Italian Dressing, smeared on fish

Couple of squirts of Creole mustard, smeared on fish

Place fish in drip pan,  on 1 inch rack in Nuwave Oven

Add 4 inch rack on top of that.  Prepare okra.

1 package frozen okra, thawed

1 egg

1/2-3/4 cup water, depending on amount of okra you need to coat

Add thawed okra and allow to soak for 3 minutes

Prepare a container with amount of cornmeal you need to coat the okra

Add black pepper

Add okra, coat with cornmeal mixture

Place coated okra in 8 or 9 inch cake pan

1/2 cup mixed onion, bell pepper, seasoning I used mixture that was frozen and thawed.

Place on 4 inch rack in Nuwave oven.

Bake 10 minutes, stir okra and flip fish

Bake for 10 additional minutes.

Add fresh strawberries to plate with fish and okra.

It was delicious.

I do a food diary so I can keep up with what I really did eat and how I prepared it.  If this food diary helps anyone else struggling with the healthy foods issues, I’m glad.  I do simple and easy foods that will certainly never make it to Gourmet cooking magazines but that is not why I do this anyway.  LOL