My Food Diary, Just Saying

March 26, 2012

Leftovers day!  I try to cook in small amounts to avoid too many leftovers.  However, usually I cook at least two turkey patties, salmon patties, fish fillets, etc. I had a bit more rice mixture leftover than I thought I would this time. 

I heated the rice mixture in a skillet on stovetop, heated salmon patty in microwave.  I added a little bit of Worcestershire Sauce to the salmon patty.  It tasted good on there.  Added the leftover applesauce to the side.  Topped with sliced strawberry.  Added one whole strawberry to the plate. 

That took care of the leftovers except for tomorrow I’ll have the remaining fish fillet, cabbage/carrot/onion salad, and sweet potato fries.  Then, I have to start over.  LOL

I did some housework yesterday and as typical, I overdid it.  So, really I enjoyed not even having to think about planning something to cook.  Leftovers were really handy.  I love getting things done when I can.  It just feels so good to get things accomplished!  However, I usually pay for it the next day or two and have to rest a lot.  Fibromyalgia does me that way, plus a few other little things I have to deal with.

Thanks for looking at my Food Diary.