My Food Diary, Just Saying

My Food Diary July 2012 Misc. photos

Various things I did during July. I didn’t want to do an individual blog on each.

To see the entire cup of coffee (top photo) click on it.

My Food Diary

May 27, 2012

I’ve been busy with things and just simply had to have a little “different” coffee this morning. It was nice for a change. I added a bit of powdered milk and powdered chocolate mix to the coffee and stirred it.  I found serving this special (to me) coffee in a cup and saucer made it even more enjoyable! LOL

Yesterday, I simply did a baked potato in the microwave, sliced up a tomato, opened a can of fruit cocktail (drained it), added 1/2 banana and some salad dressing. I put a small amount of butter on the potato and added chopped green onions. Light meal but quick, easy, and actually was filling.

*I make no claims that the way I eat is what another person should eat. I eat healthier than before I started this blog and it works for me.  Also, the appliances I use to cook, work better for me.  Everything I do can be done in another way.