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My Food Diary Blog Labor Day 2012

I didn’t have bar-b-que but I did have a great meal. Top photo shows completed meal and bottom photo shows baking the fish, potato cubes, and green beans in one pan—in a Nuwave Oven. The various things in this lunch can be cooked in a more conventional way, if desired. I just like the convenience of placing frozen fish and other ingredients into a pan and baking it all at once. It’s fast, easy, and healthy cooking.

I placed frozen fish and potato cubes in pan, seasoned (no salt), and baked 10 minutes. After that, I turned the fish and potatoes over, added green beans and onion slices. Baked all for 10 more minutes. Non-traditional Labor Day meal but it was just exactly what I wanted.

Have a happy day off and be safe.

September 3, 2012 (Labor Day)

June 11, 2012  My Food Diary

I baked everything in the NuWave Oven for 20 minutes. (Turn all after 10 minutes and then continue baking.) I only added ground black pepper and fresh lemon juice.

I added sliced tomato and sliced strawberries. Easy, fast, nutritious. I’m craving fish a lot lately.

*This can be baked in conventional oven. I simply prefer Nuwave since I start with frozen fish. My diet may not be best for anyone else but I eat healthier than I did.

June 06, 2012

My Food Diary

I think the photos, with directions, explains the way to do this meal. I did add black ground pepper, Italian seasoning, and lemon juice to the fish (fish was frozen) before baking. Fish and veggies all baked same amount of time in the Nuwave Oven. I baked this 20 minutes total and it was delicious.

*I do not imply my method is the only way to cook. I simply prefer Nuwave Oven to bake things instead of conventional oven.  I eat healthier than I did but do not imply this meal is best for everyone.

May 20, 2012   My Food Diary

Baked fish fillet, seasoned potato cubes, cut asparagus pieces, sliced tomatoes, chicken hot dog, with yellow and green onions. (You add seasonings of your choice.) I did the hot dogs since I had some frozen ones that needed to come out of freezer and while I was baking something else I just wanted to “test” baking them.  LOL

I placed FROZEN fish fillet and FROZEN chicken hot dogs in drip pan (place drip pan over 9 in. cake pan with small amount of water to catch drippings) that came with NuWave Oven.

Add the potato cubes and chicken hot dogs. Add seasonings and onions. Bake10 minutes in Nuwave Oven (or Rapid Air Oven), turn all items over. Continue to bake for 10 minutes more. 

I sliced the tomato and placed on plate. I opened canned asparagus pieces, placed directly on plate (I did not heat this), added meat and potatoes—presto—ready to eat!

Delicious, easy, quick (from frozen, mind you), and healthy.

*Kept for personal reason but if I help someone else along the way, I’m glad. I make no claims that my way is for anyone else.  I only know I’m eating healthier.